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Evolution vs. Creation

            Evolution versus Creationism is a hot topic that is in constant debate among scientists and Christians. Held in high regard to the world of science, Evolution, is the theory that groups of organisms change with passage of time, mainly as a result of natural selection, so that descendants differ morphologically and physiologically from their ancestors. On the other hand, faith of millions of Christians hold the truth that, the act of GOD by which the whole entire world was brought into existence is where the basis of everything in existence today came from. In regards to the two arguments above, my entire ballot is supporting the views and ideas of the Creation theory. .
             Evolution is a theory that is based on science and concrete evidence. Faith is in no way, shape, or form, a factor that influences the ideas and theories supported by Scientists. Faithless and blind, the world of science chooses to support a claim that is shattered by the faith of millions and millions of Christians. In my argument, there are several ideas that I have researched on the internet as to why evolution is an invalid theory, and is to be disregarded as the basis for such a fine genre of study, such a science. .
             Evolution is a process that cannot take place unless mutations that are random occur. In the instance of animal's advanced mechanisms of defense, random mutation could not produce them. A specific beetle dubbed the "bombardier beetle" possesses two chemical tanks in its body. Upon attacking the beetle, two different chemicals in the tanks are sprayed from the body. Combined in the air, a hot explosion is produced in the face of the predator. In light of evolution, when the initial mutations occurred and the tanks were just starting to form but were not yet able to function properly, they would serve no purpose to the beetle. Thousands of mutations, and millions of years would be need to produce the end result of the beetles defense, especially since the mechanism would not aide the animal in any survival advantage until it was fully developed.

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