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Dirt Bikes and Street Bikes

            From the first time I watched motorcycle racing on TV, I was hooked; I made the decision to save my money so I could purchase my first new motorcycle. I didn't know what kind of motorcycle I was going to purchase, so I did some research and found there are two main types of motorcycles: dirt bikes and street bikes. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own motorcycle, but you can't decide if you want to ride a dirt bike or if you want to ride a street bike? Activities, engine type, and cost were the main focal points I used when I compared a dirt bike to a street bike.
             When one is deciding whether to buy a dirt bike or a street bike, the type of activities you can do on each of the motorcycles is an important point to consider. On a dirt bike, one can enjoy the wilderness by riding in open fields, mountains, or even riding on trails that go through beautiful forests. When one is riding on a street bike, one may enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air by taking a nice, long, road trip. On a dirt bike, one can enjoy the excitement of hitting jumps at a dirt bike track; if one is riding a street bike, one can enjoy the thrill of going fast and racing friends at a street bike track. Both the dirt bike and the street bike offer a variety of activities for everyone of age.
             The next focal point to consider when one is deciding whether to buy a dirt bike or a street bike, is engine type. The dirt bike comes with a two-stroke engine. The two-stroke engine takes a mix of oil and gas and ignites it in the cylinder, providing the power and lubrication all in one motion. On the other hand, the street bike comes with a four stroke engine; this is similar to a car engine, but much smaller. In this type of engine, only the gas is burned, and the oil is reused again and again. These are the only types of engines that are used on motorcycles and require different care for each type of engine.

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