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Early Childhood and the Preschool Years

            The years from 2 to 6 are referred to as early childhoods or the preschool years. During early childhood, physical growth is slower than in infancy, and children become taller and leaner by the end of early childhood and they look more like adults than infants. Motor skills develop, children become stronger, faster and better coordinated. Preschoolers their language improves enormously and children come to carry on conversations with others, and cognitive skills develop, a new world of make believe or "pretend "play emerges. Most Preschooler is curious and eager to learn and increased physical and cognitive capabilities enable children to emerge from total dependence on caregivers to become part of the broader world outside the family. Peers take on increaslingy important role in the life of the preschooler (Rathus, 2011).The preschooler, the developmental picture, is frequently a risk taker, especially with large – muscle activities, is gaining the ability to consider safety, and ready to learn safety rules, also learns safe practices through experiences, and is insistent about doing things for herself and does not like to hold hands while crossing a road, put on a safety belt or let an adult help when she is climbing down or jumping. .
             The preschooler can be taught by providing a safe environment with careful supervision, and teach safe practices and safety concepts (Segal, Bardige, Woika, Leinfelder, 2006).As with any aspect of working with young children, teachers must understand the typical sequence of developmental indicators so that appropriate expectations are in place and it is important to begin by examining some of the major developmental milestones of preschooler (Watts, Young, 2007). .
             Preschooler 3 to 5 years old, developmental milestones, for social; gives directions to other children, play cooperatively with minimum conflict, and supervision, protective toward younger children, follow simple games, show leadership among children.

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