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Teaching Disc Golf

            The skill I will be teaching is how to throw a Disc golf for range and for putting. Both throwing the disc for range and for putting is a discrete skill. The sport of Disc Golf is a closed environment sport due to the fact that the environment is predictable and a response can be planned. Motor cognitive demands that will be placed on the learners is to focus on the placement of their feet, grip and wrist/arm movement while throwing the disc. Cognitive demands that the learners will face is figuring out how much force to put into their throw according to where they have to throw the disc. They will also have to learn how to utilize the flick of their wrist to throw the disc and when to release the disc from their grip for a good throw. The skill of throwing a disc will be comprised of the following steps. first the learner will grip the disc with their thumb on top of the disc, index finger on the rim and their remaining three finger tips gripped firmly underneath the rim of the disc. The learner will then assume a stance by placing their feet at a ninety degree angle towards the target. The learners dominant foot will be placed in front of the other. When preparing to throw, the learner will then shift their weight from their back foot to their front foot while bringing the disc toward and then away from their body. Once the arm is fully extended, the wrist will then flick the disc toward the intended target. If released properly, the disc should slice through the air at a good speed and accuracy toward the target. .
             The learners that we will be teaching are beginners with little to no experience in disc golf or throwing a disc, especially for accuracy or distance. These learners are learning early on in life as compared to later in life. This means they will have little GMP and will more than likely have to learn these motor patterns for the first time and could slow down the process of learning due to their lack of GMP.

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