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America and No Child Left Behind

            All these programs like "No Child Left Behind" and "Head start were created to help students succeed academically. Programs such as these have fallen behind in helping educate children. Mostly minority children fall behind other students, not only on an academic level but also on a social and thought level. For example there was study done where a four year old child was placed in the head start program for about 6 months and the child could only identify two more letters than other children with the same background. Head start was also lacking in children's motivation to learn and social skills, for example interacting with peers and teachers.
             With all these programs other countries such as Singapore and Finland manage to be leading in education more than the United States. In Singapore math classes are taught with fewer subjects in the curriculum but are taught more in depth, giving the students more of a chance to retain the material then learning part of a subject one day and expecting to students to learn from that single lesson. Another example is in Finland students aren't given a lot of homework but they are taught more in "creative play". This allow for students to get a more hands on approach to the subject they are learning.
             The United States is trying to find more ways to make children seem a lot smarter. Every year the price of college tuition is raised. Every years taxes are raised for helping schools, but why isn't this money being used to help children get a better education. Students should be taught subjects more in depth. The United States could take after Singapore giving fewer subjects but teaching them more in depth so students can fully comprehend what is being taught to them. Programs such as head start should be modified to help children understand what is being taught to them instead of expecting students to retain so much knowledge in such little time.

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