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High School Track and Field

            Track and field season starts in March to the end of May, but preseason starts in December. There is also a post season is from the end of May to December. People who are really dedicated or training for the Olympics and big track events train year round. When training you do a whole bunch of different workouts. Some days you would do a short run and then weight training. Weight training builds the strength in your arms so you can swing them longer, and swinging your arms boosts your speed. Also you do a lot of core exercises to build up your abs strength. Other days you would do things like run a really long run and the day after that is usually a recovery day (short run) so your muscles don't get too sore. .
             Having a good diet is a really big part of weather you will succeed or fail in track. Any one who runs needs a lot more calorie intake than people who do not run. Your body burns off so many calories when you are working it off and sweating. You need a lot of energy to run, which is exactly what food gives you. If you eat unhealthy food such as donuts, cookies, brownies, ice cream, pizza, etc. you will get a cramp when you run. You cramp because your sodium, potassium, and calcium levels are off. They also don't have the necessary nutrients your body needs and do nothing to help you to do better. It makes you feel sick to your stomach and not able to run as well as you would when eating healthy foods. .
             A lot of runners cut gluten from their diet and they improve dramatically. Without it your body will be able to focus on carrying oxygen to the muscles. Eating things such as eggs, pasta, almonds, sweet potatoes, whole grain cereal, oranges, salad greens, salmon, etc.will give you the energy and nutrients you need. "With every footstrike, a runner carries two to seven times his or her body weight, protein is what keeps your body healthy under all that strain," says Douglas Kalman, Ph.

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