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One Day of Life by Manilo Argueta

            The novel "One Day of Life," by Manilo Argueta, is staged around the life of a native women named Lupe in her family in El Salvador. The book provides a prospective of the violence that fills the lives of these native. In the novel one thing that holds true is the people never loose hope for a better life free from turmoil. The novel aims to have the reader feel in some respect what the natives went through in the governments efforts to spread democracy. .
             A hidden issue in the novel would be the absence of innocence amongst young children coupled with the task of taking on responsibility well beyond the tender age bracket. This was mainly common amongst the little girls of the village especially the granddaughter of Lupe, Adolfina. She is fourteen years of age but finds much maturity through horrifying events she partakes in. One example is when Adolfina is at a bank in San Salvador to negotiate prices on fertilizer. The bank was closed and she ends up being a part of police brutality through blowing up a bus. Adolfina managers to escape along with another girl named Maria Romelia, who was shot in the hand. After helping the young girl Adolfina comes to her mother aid a few days later, She helps by consoling her mother who had received news of her niece being murdered. Adolfina comes up with a plan to defend all those being opposed by the government through the Christian church. She feels they should unite in order to stop the government from exercising their brutality. These girls are experiencing brutality at such a young age and in turn they are loosing their childhood, something they can never have again. They are being forced to work like adults and accept adult reality in their young teenage years. While American teenagers are working about prom their fighting for their lives and the lives of their family and while it is easy to give up on life and surrender they become weaponries to combat the brutality with hope for a better life.

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