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America and Imperialism

            The United States has been involved heavily in the affairs of countries around them. Like many other European countries they have followed a path to imperialism. During the early 19th and late 20th century, they've expanded their territories through militarism and war. Those who oppose emphasized that the effects of imperialism were what their forefathers had tried to fight against and would make U.S. a nation like that of the Europeans, the empires they tried to make their government no to be like. American who wanted imperialism made clear that the spread of their ways and ideas would be the answer to how the civilization would grow. Theodore Roosevelt, after having read Alfred Mahan's book, was looking forward to the expansion to the navy. His buildup of the navy would somehow be a sign to protect the weaker people against European control. He sees that the Filipinos would have no chance of surviving on their own, and it would be their obligation to help them. His powerful army was proof that it would take a nation with no fear to take up this challenge (Doc 5). .
             Similarly, McKinley believed it was a good thing that the U.S. would be able to acquire the Philippines and turn their nation into one like theirs. The ability for them to Christianize them and to educate them was to the President, their duty.(Doc 3). The expansion of America had also pleased many people be, especially African Americans. They wanted another race of people to be considered inferior to them. If the Filipinos were to also be Americans, than that means they would be above them socially and would be less discrimination on their part and more for the colonized people. They also feel that if they served in the Army, they will be more respected (Doc1).
             Those who oppose this feel that is feel it is hypocritical for the U.S. to engage in imperialism. They had previously condemned the Spanish for taking over and not letting go of control over the Philippines.

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