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American Imperialism

             Imperialism is the policy of a state aiming at establishing control beyond its natural borders over people unwilling to accept such control. (Stronger nations taking over weaker nations) Because of this unwillingness imperialist policy always involves the use of power against its victims. Imperialism has occurred in many countries such as Europe, Asia, and America. The causes of Imperialism include economic, political, and idealism.
             The economic cause of imperialism is due to the industrialization. New machines, assembly line, and factories were the factors of the economic cause of imperialism. Technology allowed the American people to produce more than they could thus bringing down the market and demand for products. The United States exported more than it imported making it the leading economic nation. A natural resource that was a restriction was the ocean. It made it very difficult to transport products.
             The political cause to imperialism was due to the spread of democracy. With all of the leaders trying to become president or any other political leader caused people to expand to better countries like the United States. It was a patriotic movement of the most of the people.
             The third cause of imperialism was idealism. Or also know as the perfect way to live life. Darwin used his theory for "The survival of the fittest" to live a perfect life. Only the people who could get jobs, support themselves would survive. And if you were white you were in control of the world and had no problem in surviving. The white men did try to civilize the rest of the world. It was their burden to do so for the others who were not so fortunate. Religion was an idealistic way to live a perfect life. If you believed in God then you had no hardships for you. The Great Commission states that, "Go ye into all of the world and tell them all you have learned." This means explore the world and share it with the others who have no idea of the outside world.

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