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The United States of America - Post 1945

            After World War II, America was exposed to mass economic growth. This was attributed to the population of baby boomers which added high demand for everything from consumer goods to education. This post war population led to a revolution of new lifestyle. More people were owning there own homes, this led to the mass production of suburban homes. Neighborhoods led societies demand for automobiles and many jobs opportunities as well. American society did not only get larger, the culture began to evolve as well. The Beat revolution was growing along with music and television, the idealized housewife was even beginning to change with combination of new appliances and more women in the work force. Ultimately the years following WWII exposed America to change in many ways. There was a liberalization in societal beliefs, a rise in technology and a strive for the American dream. .
             From the depression and wars, Americans didn't have the ability or funds to live the American dream ideals and families were put on hold. After WWII, Americans had the opportunity to start new lives. With the huge numbers of veterans returning home home to start families. Both marriage rates and birth rate spiked from 1945 to 1947. The most common ages of women getting married and having children was 20 to 25, but most ages saw a rise.1 The reason for such an increase in population could largely be attributed to the GI Bill, which gave allot of financial stability to veterans coming home. It allowed for veterans to finish high school and attend colleges. They also received low interest business and home loans, health care, and employment service, including paid unemployment for a year. This helped boost confidence financial comfortability, allowing for people to have have children, bigger homes and ultimately strive to live the American dream.2.
             Such a large growth in population made it difficult for families to live in the cities, soon suburbs were popping up on the outskirts of cities.

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