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Ralph and Simon in Lord of the Flies

            ´╗┐Compare and contrast Ralph and Simon. Both seem to be "good" characters. Is there a difference in their goodness?.
             Ralph and Simon, two of the protagonists of "The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, share a variety of differences as well as similarities; mostly because of their status difference in their "society". Ralph is represented as the leader of the tribe in almost the entire book, while Simon is just another kid in the tribe (but still plays an important part in the story). Both of them are "good characters" after all. Still, there is a noticeable difference, because while Ralph has to appear strong sometimes to gain respect from the kids, Simon is always helping the others, and is more kind-hearted. .
             As seen in chapter one, Ralph found the conch and called the first assembly, making Ralph the center of attention for the boys. "Meanwhile Ralph continued to blow till voices shouted in the forest. The small boy squatted in front of Ralph, looking up brightly and vertically." (Golding, 22) Finally, the boys chose Ralph as leader over Jack. .
             By being chosen as leader, Ralph knew he had to act with an "iron fist" with the boys from time to time, to remind them he was leader, Ralph Said: "You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might have gone home-" (Golding, 99), Ralph says this after Jack left the fire go off, this is a moment where Ralph uses a leadership tone to remind them he was in charge. Simon always obeyed Ralph's orders, Ralph gave this order and helped when he noticed the boys "escaped" from work; this is another example of how Simon was seen as a more good-hearted character. .
             In terms of wildlife, Simon has a unique appreciation of nature; he admires nature and enjoys the tranquility in it. Simon "escaped" several times to a spot in the jungle where he could have a personal time for himself with the benefits of nature.

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