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On Being an Architect

            "Imhotep is considered by many to be the earliest known architect." (BBC) Whereas our modern day Imhotep is Frank Lloyd Wright. He is considered to be one of the most creative architects of the 21st Century. Have you ever wondered who designed you house or perhaps your favorite restaurant? Architects design and sometimes supervise the construction of buildings and structures. From the tunnels underneath the ground all the way to the skyscrapers that tower over us in the city. Majority of people just enjoy the structures and don't realize how much work and experience it actually took to get that building. An architect is not an easy career to succeed in. There are over 20 different types of architects and all of them go through a lot of pressure to succeed but, when they actually do make it, it is well worth the wait. People only look at the salary of being an architects and not really at how much education requirements and sacrifices it takes to be the top architect possible. Architecture has always been a major role in buildings due to the endless possibilities that come out at the end. The way that architects operate now are not even close to how it was back in the day where technology was not as advanced as it today. .
             The style that modern architecture exhibits is way different than it used to be. The most complex buildings in the past included the coliseum and pyramids but now there are buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai that stands 829.8 m tall. (burjkhalifa.ae) Architecture traces back to Greek and Egyptian time periods when stone was a main material used. Places of worship during this time were usually outdoor stone temples whereas now churches are very elaborate and made up of all kinds of resources. (Architectural Digest) Another difference that has taken place in architecture is that in the "1800s and early 1900s architects designed structures" (HistoryWorld) for protection and security for wars.

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