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            He has done business in the Caribbean, England,.
             ansketch, Robbins then will produce a more formal sketch. This sketch should be more detailed so that Robbins and his client can discuss in depth what needs to changed concerning the building's plans. If the client is not pleased, Robbins is always willing to make changes. After the architect and the client have come to a mutual understanding concerning the plans, Robbins would then draw the final formal sketch. .
             Robbins" ultimate goal is to have a pleased client that is comfortable in his house and its surroundings. Finally, after all of the designing plans are completed, Robbins releases the design to prospective builders. The builders then bid on the job. A bid states the estimated cost of the construction of the building. According to Robbins, the ideal way to design a building is to have a contract with a builder before designing the building. Once the client and the architect decide on a builder, the architect will set up a contract with the builder. The builder will then begin work on the building. According to Robbins, a responsible architect will continue to monitor the work being done by the builder. It is the responsibility of the architect to point out any flaws in the building process. The architect will do this by submitting evaluation forms to the builder. Along with this evaluation, the architect makes a punch list at the end of each day. This list should state every discrepancy between the building plans and the actual construction of the building.

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