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             One career that I have been interested in for a long time is architecture. Architects are involved in the negotiation, design, and the supervision of construction of a clients request. This may be from something as simple as a house add-on, to something as grande as a shopping mall. Architecture has interested me for many years. I have always enjoyed the great detail and thorough drawings that are involved. Architects use difficult mathematical functions just as much as they use art and design. The use of angles, dimensions, and all fields of geometry are used daily to make sure that the structure they are designing comes out to scale, with all the right angles, and dimensions that the! client requested. An architect is not an easy career to succeed in. Although once an architect does succeed, it is very well worth it. Most architects work an average of 40 to 45 hour weeks. However, if the job needs to get finished to meet the deadline, they may spend much more than 40 hours working during that time. An architectural firm is where most architects work, but some work in their own firm. Education and training to become an architect is not easy. Every architect in the United States is required to have a license. College is very important. Most universities offer architecture as a major. Most schools that offer this major, usually have a separate school for an architectural degree. This degree consists of a 5-year program that leads to a bachelor of architecture degree. Courses in this program consist of classes in engineering, architectural design, buildin! g construction, structural theory, professional administration, and graphic representation. After you graduate, and obtain your bachelor degree, you go on to work in an architectural firm, but not as an architect. Instead you would work as a junior drafter, making models, and lettering. Then when you are ready to move on, you would become a senior drafter.

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