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The Pros and Cons of Foreign Talent

            This commentary discusses the effects of foreign talents (Permanent Residents or PRs) in Singapore. This topic was chosen because the issue on PRs in Singapore is a topic that has sparked controversy throughout the island, academically and economically. Take for example, volunteering 40 hours of service to a school of their choice to gain priority for school registration. PRs will also compete with Singaporeans for jobs in the sense that they work many times cheaper than Singaporeans. Therefore, the purpose of this commentary is to argue whether or not PRs are needed in Singapore. .
             Introduction: Singaporeans' reaction to PRs.
             One knows that PRs are those which come from other countries like China, Malaysia and India. Citizens of Singapore, can be either a former PR or born in Singapore itself. However, the parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents of those citizens may not be a Singaporean, but more likely a migrant from other countries. This goes to show that everybody also has his/her origins from other countries, and has descendants who were once a PR. .
             Unfortunately, there are Singaporean Citizens which take an offensive approach against PRs. The name speaks for itself: Foreign Talents. Singaporeans, being of "kiasu" nature, overreact to the foreign talents coming into Singapore. Instead of accepting them, Singaporeans occasionally have prejudiced feelings against them. So why bring PRs into Singapore? .
             Why the government is bringing in PRs.
             As written in the article, The issue of why the government brings PRs into Singapore is complex. Singapore is a relatively small country, in terms of both population and land area. Therefore, Singapore must strive hard to maintain a global position economically. Therefore, Singapore must engage foreign talents to set up businesses and in the process boost Singapore's global rank. Singapore also has a small population where the number of death rates in Singapore is not matched by an equal number of birth rates each year.

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