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Smash Thy Neighbor by John McMurtry

            Does football encourage unhealthy response? According to the author of Smash Thy Neighbor, Mr. Football to McMurtry is as vicious, as dangerous, as gruesome as war. In his experience as a football player, he witnessed the horror of coaches and fans demanding for him to hurt his opponent, to hurt them to the point where the opponent would be severely hurt, or would be afraid of him.Intimidation tactics, and words like, "hurt them, level 'em, kill 'em, take 'em apart." Are typical in everyday football language. For him, football was a passion, it was something he had always wanted to do, but when he saw how the sport got turned around, and became more of a business, he says that it was when football no longer was fun. Yet he continued to play because for him, football was something he had always wanted to do ever since he was a little boy. McMurtry mentions how injuries have affected everyone who has ever played the game, but giving pain to others its what everyone who likes the sport expects from players. It saddens him on how the most cheer and applause he ever received wasn't from a good play, but rather when he made his opponent suffer. Whenever he would hurt them and caused pain or even injury, that's when both the fans and team members would cheer him on. .
             As a football fan, I agree to a certain extend with Mr. McMurtry. I agree that us fans demand for our players to hurt our opponents, but that is the nature of the sport. He mentions that football is like war, that there are many similarities I also must agree. What he doesn't mention and should mention, is how football gives players a debt free education and career. I won't say free, because these players pay with their injured bodies every cent of the scholarship, but at the end they chose to play this game. Yes football has a draft, just like the military, but the biggest difference is that no man or women is forced to ever dawn a football uniform and risk their life.

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