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The Basics of Terrorism

            In order to be classified as a terrorist, you must have a  primarily goal of inflicting fear in your targets. There are also many other objectives that Terrorist try to achieve with there operations. There are many forms of terrorism in this modern era. One of the newest forms and probably the most disregarded form of  terrorism is cyber-terrorism. The focus for Cyber-terrorist is to cause is to cause major harm to businesses and to disrupt infrastructure.They achieve this by infecting the Internet with computer viruses and/or by hacking into personal files that are stored online like emails. Cyber-terrorism dose more damage financially by bringing in well more than a million dollars a year from major businesses. Since Cyber-terrorism focuses more on money then to cause physical harm,therefore I must rule out physical violence as a requirement for terrorism. .
             However, the media likes to focus more on the violent terrorist acts, as in 9/11.There is no doubt that 9/11 was brutally savage attack on United States soil, but it was clearly well planned and executed. The Al-Qaeda even went as far as picking the date as 911. The  suicide bombers were trained to pilot our/America's commercial passenger jet airliners. When they decided the World Trade Center as a target they new that many American lives would taken and a important piece of infrastructure would crumble along with the United States economy. The Terrorist did manage to cause great damage and take many lives with very little resources and money. This clearly shows that they knew what they were doing and probably had months of planning be hide this operation. 9/11 was a clear statement that American citizens are not as safe as everyone had thought, and the Al-Qaeda has show the entire world as so. There is always some kind motive behide terrorist acts. Weather it is for political reasons or for religious beliefs.  Israel has been targeted countless of times throughout history by terrorist because the Holy Land is located within its country's border.

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