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Social Media is Taking Over

            Social media is absolutely everything to society nowadays. Kids cannot go a single day without checking their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It is clear that our generation is coming to the point to where they need to feel accepted by their "followers". The social acceptance on the internet is what kids are worried about nowadays. Forget actual communication face to face, they have completely ruled out that option, so now, the kids of this generation are sitting in their rooms, and not socializing. That is exactly why our generation is corrupt, considering we never speak other than through a computer or cell phone screen.
             In all honesty, the generation that is technologically based has declining social skills. I mean think about it, if you were to sit in a room or in a house for 60% of the day, staring at a computer or a cell phone without talking to anyone other than your family members, your social skills would rapidly decline as well. These kids are eating, sleeping, and breathing social media and technology and are completely ignoring everything in life that really matters. They worry about how many followers they have on twitter rather than watching the news or getting jobs and things. There is also nothing that helps the cause, everything on TV is all about the latest technology as well. .
             Technology is also linked to obesity. Considering all kids do is sit in the house and stay staring at a screen and not getting out and getting exercise like they need to explains a lot. Not to mention kids feel as though they have to have everything they see on TV and things in order to fit in with everyone. They have to have the newest and best technology basically to show off to their friends and be socially accepted. This generation is basically in a competition with itself to see who has the newest technology and certain other things but technology is a huge factor.
             I know technology has its benefits, I know this, considering its a huge factor in our economy.

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