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Economic Priorities in the Ukraine

            I think there is no doubt that Ukraine can be as economically developed as, for instance, France or the Baltic countries. Our country is based in Eastern Europe and washed by the Black Sea and The Sea of Azov. It means that it can have easy connection with many different countries via the sea routes. Furthermore, Ukraine has the temperate climate and very fertile lands. I do believe that my country can provide food for all Ukrainians and also ''feed up'' a few neighboring countries. Despite this fact, nowadays the situation is quite different - Ukraine has to buy the food, technological divides, various materials, and ask seek very expensive loans from the European Union and other international organizations. Why is it so and how can it be changed? This question is extremely topical for all Ukrainians nowadays.
             I can name a few crucial reasons. Firstly, corruption, like an octopus, captures all economic sectors in Ukraine. Almost all officials are involved in large or small corruption affairs. Moreover, the wealth in the country is not distributed on a fair basis. In other words, there are 1-2% of very wealthy Ukrainians and the rest of the population is poor. To overcome this significant problem, the government must contain people with strong willpower, because our country needs great changes and resolute leaders. I hope that foreigners in the government can be also helpful as they bring new perspective to the development of our economy.
             Secondly, our laws aren't implemented. Ukraine does not only demand new laws, it also needs to establish strict supervision of their fulfillment and reasonable punishment for violating. For instance, medium and small businesses should work without apprehension of unreasonable problems with the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. It could significantly improve the business climate and attract new investors. It seems to me that our government must also make investments into the upgrade of economic funds, into the development of the agricultural sector and the elaboration of national production (in order to give the Ukrainians an opportunity to buy domestic goods of high quality).

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