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Matched and Freedom

            Ally Condie's novel, "Matched," presents a world in which a government controls people's lives for everything using data. This society provides a safe environment for all of the citizens, as well a long and healthy life. But, it also chooses who they love, where they work and when they die. There's not a thought that will cross any of these citizen's minds to disobey the officials. While, this society seems perfect because it has almost eliminated poor health, early death, and most crime. Is it possible for things to go wrong in this society? A citizen, Cassia is matched with her bestfriend, Xander but when she goes to look at her microchip that contains all his post and info, she is also shown a different face, Ky Markhams, an aberration, someone who cannot be matched because he is faulted for his father's mistake. She feel's an incredibly strong pull to Ky, so, they end up falling in love with each other,but, they can't be together devoted to the well beings of all citizens. Cassia has always trusted the government choices for her life, but as time goes on, she begins to understand all the bad things about her society, and comes to see that by removing people's self determination, the society has a created a pseudo life, where inner desires aren't realized. ¬†Although Cassia's society is fundamentally different from ours, there may be more similarities between Cassia's world and ours than most readers realize. .
             Cassia, Xander, Ky and everybody else in their society marries their match that is chosen for them by the Society, or in some cases must remain, "single." Cassia yearns to make her own decisions to choose the man she loves, like many other teenagers. ¬†Although most Americans probably think this control over matches is crazy, and believe that we all get to choose our matches.
             Some people cannot marry the person of their choice. Our government put's restrictions on marriage.

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