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Skippyjon Jones Theater Review

            I watched the enchanted musical Skippyjon Jones at the McCain Theater at Meridian Community College. Based on the book is by Judy Schachner, The show is originally directed by Peter Flynn, directed and choreographed by Devanad Janki, music by Eli Bolin and lyrics by Kevin Del Agulia. They all work in unison with an all star cast of professional actors to create an epic experience for all who wants to unleash their wild imagination and follow their dreams. They bring the classic animated Disney film to life on the stage. The live plot follows the movie very closely as it opens with the Circle of Life, just like the animated film, features all of your favorite Disney characters, and continues to tell the story of a young cub named Simba and his journey to becoming king of Pride Rock. The acting in this performance met and exceeded all expectations. Two in particular stood out in my mind as they simply commanded attention with their very presence on the stage. .
             As if that were not enough, they then proceeded to open their mouths and sing such beautiful notes that the entire audience sat in awe. These two performers were Thom Sesma, who played the role of Scar, and Phindile Mkhize, a South African native who played the role of Rafiki. Rafiki opens the show with amazing vocals and movement that let you know that you just stepped right into the heart of Africa. Her intensity only grows as the show progresses. She was quite simply amazing. Scar was my favorite character in the show thanks to Thom Sesma. He gave so much character to Scar using everything from his totally convincing accent; to his swagger that allowed you to know exactly who Scar was before he ever said a word. He somehow pulled off equally menacing conceit with gut roaring laughter just by his gestures and timing. As an actor, he stood head and shoulders above the rest. This was especially true when he shared scenes with Young Simba played by Zaire Adams.

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