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Native Americans and the Environment

            Northern and Southern New England Tribes had to quickly learn how to adjust to the environments that surrounded them. They had to learn how to grow, hunt, fish and be prepared for anything to come their way. English settlers had to thoughts on the natives. The natives were either envied by the English settlers and were seen as people free from the corruption of civilization or seen as a bunch of inhumane people that are just taking up space or landscape. The Northern and southern tribes may have been far from perfect but if the English settlers would have just taken the time they may have learned something from these people. The environments in which the two tribes lived in would change every season just like they do in today's world. With that came preparation and flexibility of the two tribes. Just like we have today a "mobile home" so did the tribes except for the fact they had no motor and no wheels. The tribes would .
             build a house out of wood frames covered in grass mats or bark that could be easily taken apart and moved within a couple hours. They also had things underground called "Pit-barns" which made it easy to store food so that it could be retrieved when it was needed. Tools and other property were made to be easily carried or could be made again easily so they were left behind. It all was about the habitats when it came to how often these tribes would have to pick up and go since the Indians didn't really like to stay put for too long anyways. .
             The Northern tribe dealt with colder weather, scarce food situations, and were known as hunting and gathering Indians. Once spring was among the North it was time to move to the coastal areas. Here they would catch many different fish for food and then move more inland in mid-September to the smaller creeks. From May to September the Indians had no worries when it came to food. There was plenty of fish and plenty of other animals to be hunted.

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