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Movie Summary - Interstellar

            Interstellar takes place when is earth is in the year 2100, and the world is ending quickly. A parasite called blight had taken over crops and was killing off the food supply for humans. Dust was constantly blowing and people were getting sick from that and starving because of the lack of food that blight had caused. The earth was becoming more and more unstable to live on. A man named Cooper was an experienced pilot who had been involved in a crash in the past that caused him to stop. He had a family and a daughter named Murph who thought she saw a ghost in her room,. Together they discovered that the ghost was actually gravity and they got coordinate points from the code that gravity gave and found NASA that was still running privately. At NASA Cooper discovers his old professor Dr. Brand who asks him to go into space in an attempt to save the human race. The professor explained that there were two plans to save the human race. Plan A and plan B. Plan A was to find a planet outside of our solar system that could be lived on and bring the people of Earth to the new planet to start again. Plan B was to leave embryos on the new planet and let a surrogate system raise the new human race and to stop it from going extinct. In this plan the people on earth would die when the Earth dies. Cooper agreed to be man for the mission and took off for his trip. When in space Cooper and his ship mates are moving near the speed of light because they are near the black hole Gargantua, They travel to multiple planets that other explorers had landed on during the Lazarus Missions in an attempt to rescue them and find a stable planet to live on. .
             After having no success Cooper decided to enter the black hole and make Brand go to Edman's planet where he hopes she finds a new world. Cooper enters the black hole and he discovers another dimension and gathers the information he needs to save the world. He communicates with Murph through this dimension and he gives her information that she needs to solve the problem through the watch he gave her many years ago when she was just a little girl.

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