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Biological Warfare: The Monster Under Your Bed

            To quote Albert Einstein, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" (Einstein). Here, Einstein is implying that at the point of World War III, humans would have developed weapons of mass destruction so powerful that they would destroy civilization and send the survivors back into the Stone Age. The types of weapons Einstein hinted at could possibly be a part of biological warfare. This type of warfare "makes use of bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc., to disable or destroy people, domestic animals, and food crops" (Biological Warfare). Biological warfare is never a justifiable extreme during times of combat because the use of it can cause a widespread disease epidemic and is not always reliable due to the fact that this type of fighting is dependent on the weather. Moreover, biological warfare is not just deadly on the intended targets, but puts our troops, ecosystems, wildlife and faunas in danger. .
             The use of biological weapons, since these microorganisms are practically undetectable, would lead to a pandemic. These agents are invisible, odorless and tasteless causing them to be spread silently. Considering that these weapons "are living creatures, they are often uncontrollable once they are released" (Bioterrorism). Due to the fact that this type of warfare uses live weaponry, these weapons have the ability to reproduce and spread from citizen to citizen causing an untraceable epidemic. Also, the bacteria, once released into the environment, will linger for long periods of time, giving it more of an opportunity to multiple its population. If not through contact with the militarized toxin, one can be exposed through food and water contamination. If a deadly germ ended up in the water supply of a city, there would be no way to contain the germ. Only small quantities of these agents would be needed to incapacitate or kill hundreds of thousands of people in a given city.

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