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Interesting Facts about Google

            Have you ever wondered why the Google home page is so simple? Has anyone you known ever said they Googled something even if they weren't talking about using Google? Did you know that the word Google is now a formal English word? In today's modern technology focused world there are practically unlimited ways to obtain information. Easily one of the most popular ways of information gathering is through online search engines such as Google Search. Google has come a long way from just being a simple internet search engine, over the course of years it has evolved into the tech giant it is today. Here are 3 interesting facts about Google you may not have known.
             The first interesting fact about Google is that the founders have always preferred a simplistic home page. When Google first started the founders did not know enough HTML coding to make a very fancy web page. After all these years in business the founders still prefer a simple home page design. According to Bianca Bosker from The Huffington Post early testers of the Google homepage would sit and when asked what they were doing they would say "I'm waiting for the rest of it". This fact is interesting because it shows that not everything has to be very flashy or fancy to be something great.
             The second fact is that the word Google is a word in the English dictionary. According to the website Steegle.com "The word Google is now a formal English word, and was included in the Oxford English dictionary in 2006". It was included as a term for general web searching, or the act of using a search engine. This is interesting because not many companies are so big or popular that their name gets added to a dictionary as a term for what they do.
             The final fact is about Google's pet dinosaur. Some people have some crazy pets, but Google tops them all with their "pet" dinosaur Stan. Google has a huge T-rex statue at their California headquarters that they call Stan.

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