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The Best Surprise Ever

            Six years ago I got the best surprise news any one could ask for. I found out I was expecting a beautiful baby girl. For most women, this news comes by simply taking a home pregnancy test or a quick trip to the doctor and usually in the prime of their pregnancy. However, it wasn't so simple for me. It took me many tests, many trips to the doctors, many nights of uncertainty and confusion to finally get the answer I was hoping and longing for. It all started with subtle symptoms. I started having mild acid reflux, which was weird for me because I hadn't experienced that before. Every time I ate I felt a burning feeling in my esophagus. But being the stubborn person that I am, I just ignored it. Then, I began feeling nauseous after my meals. But yet again I ignored it, thinking it was related to the acid reflux. As time went on, I noticed I had gained a few pounds. That concerned me because I had actually stopped eating since I was always feeling sick. I finally built up the courage to go to the doctor. My mistake was going to a GI doctor instead of my primary. I just figured all my symptoms were related to having stomach issues. After hearing my concerns, he prescribed me some Nexium to control the acid reflux and sent me on my way. The medication did help my symptoms somewhat but I was still feeling weird and not myself. .
             One day it hit me, I had been so preoccupied with my stomach issues that I had completely ignored that I had missed my menstrual for that month. The first thing I did was run to drug store to purchase a home pregnancy test. On my way back home so many thoughts filled my mind with all the possibilities and what it would mean if the test came out positive. As scared as I was, I was starting to accept the fact that it was a possibility. I wasn't too worried because at the time I was in a steady relationship and I had just finished college and was starting my career, but I had always thought I would wait a bit longer before starting a family.

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