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Movie Summary - Lars and the Real Girl

            The comedy, Lars and the Real Girl, was about an extremely shy young men living in a small town. At first he looked like a normal person, because he used to go to work every day, he visited the church, and also he was a helpful person. But he didn't like to talk with anyone, he was a quiet and loner person. At his 29 years old he never had a girlfriend. He knew a lot of people, but didn't like to share with anyone. Since his brother got married, Lars lived in the garage. His sister-in-love always invited him to eat breakfast or dinner together as a family. His brother "Gus" and his sister-in-law "Karin" were worry about Lars, because he didn't like to make friends or socialize with others. He hated like loud music, because when his coworker turned on the music he asked him to use earphones. .
             He finally brought a girls to his brother and sister-in-law's house, the girls of his dreams, he met her on the internet, Gus and Karin were happy for Lars, because they want the best for him. The only problem was that she wasn't real, she was a sex doll that Lars ordered from internet. He always treated her as a real girl, he asked his sister-in-law for clothes for his girlfriend because her luggage and wheelchair was lost. All about that story was precisely created in his mind. Lars didn't want her for sex, he wanted a relationship with her. He let her sleep in Gus and Karin's house, and he went back to the garage, because he wanted to respect her. His family were worry about him, Gus thing that he had some mental illness. Karin told him to bring Bianca to the doctor, in that way he could go with them too, and they can explain everything to the Doctor, but she could not find the real problem that Lars had. At that moment the doctor advised them to keep the delusion until she can find the real problem. .
             Gus and Karin talked to everyone in the community, because they wanted them to be part of the situation.

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