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Persuasive Essay - Stereotyping Pitbulls

            Have you ever heard the phrase don't judge a book by its cover, what happened to that? Breed specific legislation (BSL) goes completely against this. When some people see a pit bull walk by they will automatically judge the poor dog. The only reason they do this is because of the bad reputations that pit bulls have. This results in both dogs and their owners being affected. This shouldn't be happening because just like every person is not the same, not every dog is the same. It is wrong when you target a dog just because he is a certain type of breed, because it has devastating results even though they aren't as vicious as people portray them to be, this is why it is important to keep learning about and helping out these dogs.
             There are many breeds affected when it comes to breed specific legislation. The three main breeds that are affected are the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and the Staffordshire bull terrier. The main breed overall that is affected is the American Pit bull Terrier. The reason for this is because of people training the pit bull to fight with other dogs; because of them being trained to dogfight they are one of the more misunderstood breeds in the United States. Then because they are known for dog fighting there have been laws passed against pit bulls and they have been banned in some apartments and even entire cities and town.
             There are so many stories on the internet about dog fighting and a bunch of stories about why pit bulls are bad. It seems that people can have a hard time telling a good story about a dog. One really good story is about this pit bull that saved a cat from hungry coyotes. Jack the dog and kitty the cat lived together with their owner Lewis. One day she saw a couple of coyotes fighting over food, after looking she realized that their food was her cat Kitty who was being held by the neck and the tail. Before Lewis could react she sees her pit bull Jack running to save Kitty.

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