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Business Forecasting and Territories

             Joe has not been meeting his sales quota and he has so much pressure since he only has two weeks left in this quarter. The VP of Sales has informed the Sales Manager that he is not happy with Joe's performance. Joe was having a meeting with an important account, which he hoping to close a deal. He had the meeting but it didn't go as planned. As much as Joe tried to persuade the customer, the customer refused to get the product. Joe's Sales Manager showed frustration during the meeting and kept writing suggestions on pieces of paper and discretely handed to Joe.¬†When the meeting ended, Joe's manager questioned if Joe had done some research about the customer before the meeting. This analysis expects to answer the following as asked in the scenario: "How might this sales manager's post-sales coaching session have been improved? What would you have done differently? What could he have said? How could he have helped Joe during the sales meeting? Should the sales manager have behaved differently on the meeting?" Recommendations are also given on how the sales manager could have been more effective in his feedback to Joe.
             Nowadays, salespeople are having problems with unqualified leads, missing sales goals, and losing opportunities as Joe has been suffering. Due to the aforementioned, companies and sales leaders believe that coaching is the solution. According to Rottenberg (2013), coaching is defined as a collaborative practice to support individuals and organizations improve faster and create better and satisfying results; educating other's skill to set objectives, take action, make much better assessments and make complete usage of their strengths. A coach should be able to recognize a person's motivations, assess their weak and strong points, inspire and encourage them to reach greater outcomes, implement an exclusive approach with each person (one-size-fits-all approach does not work) and nurture an atmosphere that lets the person to prosper and be successful.

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