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The Egyptian Revolution of 2011

             There are several kinds of revolution, for example a revolutionary coup, palace revolution or mass revolution. A mass revolution can last very long, consist of huge masses and its intentions are more or less a fundamental change in the structure of political authority and the social system.1 This is mostly a sudden eruption of a suffering population because of a political apathy and economic uncertainty. In other terms a revolution is a process in which the political direction of a state becomes increasingly discredited in the eyes of the population.2 This mass revolution mainly accesses some levels of violence, because of the rebelling from either the government or another group who takes part in the mass revolution. .
             In Egypt 2011 there were events that begun with similar features of a mass revolution. On 25th January, 2011 Egypt has been through a huge masses demonstrations against the political and economical situation of the country. But the events in Egypt 2011 can only be called a revolution when the features of a revolution are met: staying in action, overthrowing the ruling class, establishing a new government and putting through its demands. The events in Egypt also accessed some levels of violence and chaos was all over the country. There were gangs, which were bribed to break up the protests, even though the old government could not struggle any further and had to put through what the protesters demanded.3 The main goal of these events in Egypt was ending the corruption, of the old regime of Mubarak, and the achievement of a better distribution of wealth. As its slogans in the protests were, "Bread, Freedom, Social Justice and Human Dignity." 4 I also believe that a revolution should possibly not access any level of violence and should remain in action; however the events can mount to be called a revolution when the demands are being carried through.
             These explosive events that happened in Egypt in the last few years were the only possible reaction against the Mubarak's government actions.

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