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Learning to Play an Instrument

            Music is a part of humanity that makes us express or feel emotion. People love to listen to music as well as create it. Creating music is usually accomplished by playing a musical instrument. Musical instruments are something that not everyone can afford, and that not everyone can play. When someone thinks of whether or not they should begin to learn a musical instrument, they should think about what investments and sacrifices they will be making, what requirements a musical instrument demands, and compare them with the benefits, potential, and profit.
             A musical instrument is delicate, and takes time and skill to make. Because it is so hard to make, an instrument cost a lot of money. That is one investment a starting musician will have to make. Secondly, a person does not simply pick up a musical instrument and start playing like a world famous musician. A starting musician will have to find some way to educate themselves on how to properly play the selected instrument. Since there are not many people who can teach themselves from mere YouTube videos, learning an instrument requires a teacher. Musical teachers are certified, professional musicians, and when they teach you, they pass all that they have learned on to you. Since this is not a simple task, musical teachers also require payment, which is another investment a beginner will have to consider. .
             Even after learning everything there is to know about playing the instrument, actually succeeding at playing it requires a lot of time and practice. If the beginner is not a very busy person, this will not be a big problem for them, however, if they have a very tight schedule, they will have to give up something for practice. Practice times need to be within 2-3 days of each other, or progress will slow down drastically. Many instruments require certain parts of the body to be flexible, worked out, and ready. For example instruments in the woodwind and brass categories, where the musicians lips need to be in shape and constantly require exercise.

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