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Influence of music

            Thesis: knowing Music or playing an instrument has a lot of positive effects over people.
             Music has always been a way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Learning how to play a musical instrument whether it is a guitar, piano or anything else, helps in a lot of positive ways. .
             Music helps relieve the stress of every day life. Many people who play music, including myself, use it to escape the troubles that we face. Sometimes when I feel I have some problems or when I am having a bad day, playing my guitar makes me feel better. I become so wrapped up in the music that I forget everything else. I"m sure that other musicians feel the same way. For most musicians, playing their instrument is much more than a hobby, it is a passion. It's something that allows them to forget all their troubles, even if it's only for the length of a few songs. .
             Music also helps people express themselves. For ages, musicians have composed songs that reflect their moods, views on politics, romantic relationships and much more. For example, listen to the music of the 1960s. Young people used their voices and songs to express themselves in peaceful and powerful ways. Another example of music helping .
             people express themselves is the blues. This music is all about struggling through the hardships of life. Today, we live in very difficult times and having a strong method of self expression that allows young people to state their mind is certainly a positive aspect of music.
             Learning how to play an instrument can also help kids with their academics. When children have the knowledge of music, it often helps them do better in school and other activities. For example people who can read music have a tendency to do better in math and other activities related with reasoning and logic. Music also helps people improve their creativity and writing skills. It also helps in your coordination.

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