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Influence of music

            Music is a very important component of everyday life. You can notice its influence on everybody's movement and behavior. Many people, especially teen-agers, carry their CD players with them everywhere, and move to the rhythm of their favorite music, in the streets, the subway and sometimes even in class. Music influences people's clothing, hair and appearance in general. The different genres of music divide people into categories. In several societies, people who prefer classical music are considered as mature, serious and cultured as opposed to people who listen to hip-hop.
             Categories created from music, pertain not only to people but also to places. For example, there is a certain kind of music that can be called elevator music. The music generally played on the elevator it is not of a distinct genre. In fact, there are different kinds of music played in the elevator, but they all have a certain soothing quality. .
             Music can be beautiful in the right setting. It can also be annoying, but there are songs or musical pieces that you not only enjoy when you are in the right mood, but you fall in love with them forever. People speak often of songs that never die. Their appeal is not universal though, people hear them at special moments and the melody or the text captures them. For me that song is "Hotel California" by Eagles. I am not sure what was it that I liked about it, maybe the unity of the text, but without too much repetition as you hear often in songs. His voice was perfect and with a slow-tempo the song flowed naturally without any unnecessary high points. The words and the music come together in such harmony that creates feeling. Some people think that the greatest music has already been created, but I think there is more to come and I am looking forward to it.

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