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Field Experience Report - Preschool

            The observation technique that I selected was time –sampling. I decided to do time –sampling after speaking with preschool teacher prior to my observation. The interval recording form that I found to use was a momentary time sampling with observation length of two hours and ten minute intervals. The classroom that I did my observation in was an inclusion preschool class. Two of the students were already diagnosed with learning disabilities and there was one student the teacher said they were going to start the paper work for. This student, she believed, has all the characteristic of having autism. The teacher believed that he would be a good student to observer during the time I was there. She told me that the behaviors were not consistent so it didn't matter what time I chose to come. Therefor, I decided to come the first day after their lunch break and then the next day I came before their lunch break at two-hour intervals. The first day I came the teacher told the students who I was and that I had heard that they were such a great group of students and that I just had to come watch them. She introduced the each student and before she could introduce me to the boy that she wanted me to observe I noticed him sitting off to the side of the rug where the rest of the students were sitting. .
             The first observation took place, in the classroom, between twelve and two in the afternoon. The students had just come in from recess and were sitting on the rug getting ready to listen to a story. After the story and discussion pertaining to the story, the students had center time. The second observation took place, in the classroom, between nine and eleven in the morning. The students had just finished their morning work and were going to the rug for calendar time, then they listened to a story pertaining to their new letter and sound for the week. The last twenty minutes of my observation the students were practicing writing the letter "K.

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