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The Comforts of My Grandparent's Home

            My favorite place is my grandparent's home, because it is a place of comfort, security, and yet also a place to let loose and have fun. Their home has something special about it that sets it apart from the rest. It is a home away from home. Regardless of any life situations, their home is still a place of laughter and cheerful people. My grandparent's home is a place of many family gatherings. From holidays to our routine Sunday dinners, their home is always packed full of people, laughter, and cheer. Uncle Larry's deep, signature laugh can be heard from miles. Everyone sitting around the dinner table can be heard making jokes about one another, telling the newest joke they heard, or being quiet hoping they do not get the next joke put onto them. Many laughs, jokes, and memories have been made around this dinner table. .
             My grandma can always be seen sitting in the living room, on the couch reading a new mystery book and drinking her steaming black coffee with no sugar or cream. Old fashioned she calls it. My grandpa can always be seen sitting in his old and worn out lazy boy recliner, watching TV or doing a crossword puzzle, drinking his diet orange crush soda and eating some of grandma's signature cheesecake. Growing up I spent many of my summer days here with my grandparents. Many of the days we spent at the pond behind their home. Although, most of the time, the pond looked more like a swamp. It was home to many tadpoles, frogs, and fish. Once a week my grandpa would go fishing at Land Between the Lakes to replenish the fish in the pond. Although I would never bait or remove a fish from my own hook, he insisted on doing this just to see the amazement on my face. As the sun set and the lighting bugs came out, it was mine and my grandmas ritual to go outside with our mason jars, run around the yard and see who could capture the most lighting bugs. .
             After a long day of draining actives, we would bring out our ice cream maker and begin to make our "famous" ice cream.

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