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The Benefits of Single-Gender Schools

            Are there benefits to the single-gender schools and classrooms? Yes and no, I have found out that there are both benefits and downfalls to having single-gender schools or even just having single-gender classrooms. Many schools don't separate their students by male or female, some people may think that they are discriminating the females from the males. Many people who think of single-gender schools don't really think that they have many benefits, but they do. One of their benefits would be how the male students will actually raise their hands in class and answer the questions - they don't have to "fear looking stupid" in front of the girls (Source 3). The boys school would have more physical activity and they would be more competitive, because that's how boys are. The boys schools would also be more strict were the boys would learn some discipline and shape into young men. Having an only boy school or classroom keeps their grades up and the suspensions low.
             The females could also benefit from being separated from the boys by being able to concentrate better, they don't have to worry about the boys trying to get the answers first or being harassed by them. The females typically don't get the chance to answer questions in math or science but with the boys out of the classroom they get full range. The females also get to learn how to sew and quilt. The females get to learn things that they wouldn't be able to in a regular school, because the male students wouldn't want to learn how to make a quit or learn how to sew. The girls gain confidence while being around all females they don't have to worry about how they look or how they act, because there are no boys around for the girls to fight over. The females learn manners and life skills from their teachers.
             Both the male and female students learn better in separate classrooms and schools, because their brains are put together differently.

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