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The Advatages of Television

            One of the creative innovations of technologies is television, which right until today it is still use widely around the world and watching it is part of our everyday life routine. As we know, almost all technologies possess pros and cons, depending on how we think, use and apply them in our daily work. The same goes to television. If parents give too much freedom to their children to watch television, the kids tend to waste a lot of time, losing to the cartoons world or other entertainment programs. However, when television is watched in moderation, it is extremely valuable, as it provides relaxation, entertainment and education.
             First of all, watching television can be relaxing. Parents working so hard all day long from office and children back from school and tuition, need something to refresh and revive their energy. Even if it sounds impossible, their mental can at least heal up to distract the tiredness from their physical body. Instead of fixing up tense, watching television can also kill free time, stop boredom and crack up the silence of atmosphere. One family can sit around watching television in the living room on Sunday and public holidays or also at night time. Every member will not just share joy and happiness together, but can also strengthen up the existed bond between them. Television also is very relaxing because we can watch traveling programs or sports on live with thousands of benefits. We do not have to go to the particular place or stadium where we have to deal with crowds. No payments for fuel, flight, hotels and tickets and also not tiring. Instead, we can watch while leaning on the soft sofa, or do ironing or daily works, or even doing work up while watching television.
             Secondly, television can entertain the whole family. For children at the age of primary school or lower, nothing is good enough to be comparing with cartoons. There are a lot of cartoon programs and kids television shows nowadays.

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