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Gender Equality and Stereotypes

            Have you ever heard someone say "You throw like a girl!" or "Just man up."? Have you ever felt like you had to obtain a certain role in your life because of your gender? Have you ever been discriminated against due to something you said or did because it was not socially accepted by society due to your gender? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have experienced the inequality of today's gender role issues. It's inevitable that this issue is not small and has been going on for centuries. Millions of people around the world have been affected by gender discrimination. Why was it even an issue to begin with?.
             One of the most common stereotypes among women is that they are the overall caretaker. This stereotype dates back centuries and has always been the norm, until it started to shift a few decades ago. The historic society viewed a woman as the cook, the cleaner, the caretaker, and most importantly; pretty. In the movie A League of their Own, the women on the baseball team were required to be physically attractive to be on the team, and must wear a skirt to be on the team, They were taught how to act like women, and had to be lady-like. and Women were not seen to get jobs and provide for themselves and their family. Women were taught by society that the income had to be supplied by the husband. As shown in the article "Why I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady, she states all of the qualities of a good wife. Which in summary was doing everything the significant other pleased and not saying one word about it. In the eyes of today's society, parts of this stereotype are still around today, but definitely not as much as they used to be. Women can be independent and get a job. They can support themselves. They can feel as if they don't need a "masculine" companion for their whole life just to be stable.
             Taking it into the opposite perspective, men have a hard bargain as well.

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