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A Day at the Beach

            It is summertime, in the middle of June. The smell of the salty air, cool breeze of the gulf coast is enough to make my heart flutter. As I look out into the beautiful clear blue sky, I see it filled with kites of many colors, shapes, and sizes. I look off in the distance and come upon a working shrimp boat with its net dragging behind capturing the daily catch, with seagulls flying around waiting for an easy meal. Standing there you cannot help but hear the rolling wave's crash at the water's edge.
             As I walked along the shoreline of the beach looking for colorful sea glass and shark teeth, I observed canopies and tents set up a mile long on the beach. Families were gathered for a fun filled summer day. Children were building sand castles and splashing in the water, people young and old were lying on beach towels basking in the sun, couples were holding hands while walking along the shoreline taking in the beautiful scenery, while ATV's and golf carts were driving by. I came to a stop for a second and closed my eyes just to take in what nature had given us, the beautiful surroundings. It looked like it was a painted picture. While standing there with my eyes closed the smell of the salty air, and the feeling of stickiness on my skin from the salt water splashing on me as the waves came crashing in, made me want to drift out endlessly into the open blue water and not have to worry about anything. Off in the distance, voices filled with laughter could be heard from families enjoying their time at the beach. As the minutes passed by, I began to feel the grainy sand beneath my feet and in between my toes. I did not want to move, I was taking it all in; the soothing, relaxing, peaceful piece of tranquility that surrounded me; I feel I have become enclosed by everything around me.
             I opened my eyes and started to stroll along the grainy sand, my bare feet were leaving footprints along the way.

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