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The Immorality of Coerced Abortion

            According to a major international medical report, 64% of American females had abortions due external pressures (Rue et. al.). Coerced abortion can be defined as the termination of a pregnancy against the mother's wishes. In fact, adverse circumstances such as financial issues, health problems, and social affair cause abortion to be most women's last resort, even though they are not willing to undergo abortions (Reardon). Therefore, some people opt to believe that forced abortion is good for the mothers in some ways. However, it is the other way around with people who think of the downsides and the immoralities of forced abortion. Hence, pressured abortion is considered as an unethical action because it can harm the mother specifically on her psychological status, subsequent pregnancy and faith in society.
             Psychological effects depend on the wantedness of the pregnancy. For instance, a woman who terminates an unwanted pregnancy might find the abortion psychologically advantageous instead of continuing the pregnancy (Zabin et. al.). On the other hand­­­­­, a mother who might be longing for a baby tends to have a prolonged severity of post-abortion trauma due to the coercions -- partner, family, society, or even the government, to undergo an abortion. In this case, the mother will feel angry or stressed for not having a child and then, end up pressuring herself when she sees other couples have children. Moreover, the mother most likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder which can lead to other mental health illnesses such as depression, loss of self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, dramatic personality changes and anxiety attacks (Reardon). Also there are mothers who had an abortion-committed suicide due to the disorders that might be interrupting their mental health. Thus, forced abortion is unhealthy and morally wrong because it can destruct the mother emotionally and her life might not be like it used to be, just because of having an abortion against her wishes.

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