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A Look at Medical Tourism

            There are so may different opinions on the term medical tourism. Although it is a relatively new term, most people do not even know what it means. Medical tourism is when one travels to another country to get medical assistance they can not receive in their own country. I personally did not know what the term was until about a week ago when we learned it in class. After listening in class and doing some research I have decided that I agree with this method of medical assistance and would use it if I had to. .
             There are many reasons to agree with this method of medical treatment. The first and most important reason is it is these peoples lives and they should be able to do what they want with their bodies. I also think this may not be morally correct, but the people coming from other countries are giving these people an opportunity of their life time. They are going to make more money in one day for giving away an organ than they would make in ten years of working or more, depending on the organ and the buyer. Also the buyers need an organ just as much as the people higher up on the list, I applaud them for going out and doing something about it instead of sitting around waiting on the list or even waiting to get in worse condition to move up on the list. People do not only go for an organ, some people go for a fertility implant to have a baby that was to expensive to do in the United States. The cost in these third world countries is a fraction of the cost it is in the United States. If I had enough money and needed to do medical tourism, I would. I would do so knowing that I am helping out a family that is most likely living in poverty and I am going to be giving them more money in one day than they have probably had in their entire life. They will be able to live off of my money for a really long time. People should be able to go out to another country and find organs to purchase if the donor is willing to sell the organ.

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