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Minors and the Minimum Wage

            Minors, under the age of 18 should make minimum wage. If minimum wage were to increase, since most states are, it would be unfair if they were to receive different pay when they do the same job. Minimum wage should not just apply to minors, it should apply to anyone who are working in the minimum wage job area. If it just applied to minors, then it would be unfair. Minimum wage should not have to be based upon the age, it should be based on the job, and how skilled they are in doing the job. Minors should make minimum wage because then everyone will be equal, and they could have an experience as an adult at an early age especially having to juggle school, and work, and other responsibilities. .
             The minor should get equal pay especially if they are doing the exact same job as the adult. From experience, I have worked as a dentist assistant and front desk at the office in the dental industry. I worked and was paid higher than minimum wage due to the job I had to do, and because it was my aunt's dental practice. I think, it would be unfair to me if I was to get paid less, because I was a minor when I was working, but still had to do the same job as the adults. I did not have the problem of having the feeling of unfairness due to the fact that I was getting the same pay, or a deserving pay according the job I had to do. Although I was payed higher than minimum wage, the thought of it, it would still be unfair if they rose the minimum wage and did not give that everyone equal pay. The reason why I started working there as a minor because that is the kind of work I want to do when I grow up, and to also get experience in the work world and to gain some responsibilities for myself. I plan on getting my Bachelor's Degree, get into dentistry, gain some experience in the industry, specialize on what I enjoy most, have my own practice, then be my own boss. Similar to my aunt, but these are my goals.

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