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Reflection: In the Red and Brown Water

            On 9th September, the theatre groups of grade 11 and 12 along with our respected teachers attended a play in Theatre Village called "In the Red and brown water" directed by Deborah Merola and written by Tarell Alvin. The outline of the play is that there are two stories underlying a single story. There is the part where the people are living in housing projects in the Louisiana bayou while the play also reveals a powerful spirituality, as the characters possess double identities as Yoruba Orihas (gods).
             There was a single moment that made me rethink and get the basic idea of the play. For me that was a Moment of emotion. This scene/moment was seen in the first act of the play. That exact moment when Mama Moja starts leaving the world (Oya) behind. There were emotions portrayed by all the characters present in the set. Since for me the main reason for Oya's broken dreams and melancholy status later on in the play was due to the decision she made early on in the play. The emotions mostly seen in this scene was sorrow. The characters present in this scene were Oya (main character), Mama Moja (Oya's mother) and Elegba (Oya's god brother). .
             The entire play was performed in a black box and was rather vibrant although it was dark. The lighting made a big difference, especially in this scene giving a more dramatic effect. Since the set didn't change throughout the play, it had the same stage props. As for the props used by the actors, they didn't have many props either. Oya was dressed as an athlete with shorts and a vest as her costume. Mama Moja was dressed in a long shirt and trousers. Elegba on the other hand was supposedly dressed as a kid with a shirt and pant. The costumes throughout this scene and the act had simplicity in them. Although there was use of sound mostly throughout the play with some gospel and pop music this moment didn't have sound involved.
             It was a rather silent moment with Oya and Elegba in the main stage with tears in their eyes and sadness in their hearts.

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