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The Threat of National Identification

            William Safire feels that if national identification is required for U. citizens, then America will lose the right of the fourth amendment. The Fourth Amendment states that all citizens' personal life is protected against unreasonable searches. Disregarding democrats Safire directs the concern for the American economy to young republican adults. William Safire .
             is afraid the government will control the personal life of Americans, and tires to influence the population to realize the actions of the government. National identity is like a parent grounding a child to Safire. Through automatic ethos William Safire explains how national identification is unhealthy for the country. Safire gains credibility through the books he writes on politics, and because he once served as President Richard's speechwriter. The appeal of ethos successfully .
             gathers the attention of young adults. Ethos helps convey the republicans to believe Safire is honest and can be trusted. .
             To effectively sway young adults to grasp the government's involvement in personal lives Safire uses fear. Young adults are ignorant when it comes to politics. Knowing this William Safire attempts to scare these republicans to look more into depth about the situation. Young adults are more motivated when something dramatic happens. Safire realizes this.
             because he once was a young adult that did not care for politics, and uses this to his advantage through fear. William Safire states the circumstances of what could happen because of national identity. Although many citizens know the dangers of national identity, Safire progresses to a deeper understanding of national identity. Safire's deeper understanding is shown by using common knowledge of what the government is capable of. The citizens are warned that national identity cards may be used to invade privacy. The speechwriter considers that all identity is secretive, but refutes the private documentation by explaining how hackers can open the documents.

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