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Monica Lewinsky Speaks Out - Ending Online Abuse

            The experience of shame and humiliation is different online than offline. There are no borders on the Internet. We need a radical change in attitudes, on the Internet, Mobile Phones and the society of which they are part. Monica Lewinsky presents this argument in her speech about ending online abuse at Forbes' 30 Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia. The script of the speech was later published on Forbes' online magazine, Oct. 10th 2014. Throughout the speech Lewinsky uses different forms of appeal. In the beginning she uses Pathos. This is one by telling us the story of how she was the first victim of the Internet and how it spreads gossip. The first time you would actually miss something if you didn't use the Internet. Pathos is the form of appeal, which tries to appeal towards the emotion of the audience. A common way to do this is by telling a story, which is exactly what Lewinsky does in the speech. Through the speech she also uses Ethos. The way she does this is by being who she is. Because she has been through the major scandal with the President, she actually knows what she is talking about. Ethos requires that the speaker has expertise in the field (e.g. an astronaut giving a speech on space flight is more convincing than a lawyer giving the same speech). .
             The writing style of Monica Lewinsky is largely dominated by the use of repetition. Multiple times throughout she uses the same phrases multiple times in two to three sentences in a row e.g. "Being publicly separated from your truth is one of the classic triggers of anxiety, depression and self-loathing. And the greater the distance between the you people want you to be and the you you actually are, the greater will be your anxiety, depression, sense of failure and shame." The effect of using repetition is to make sure that the audience will memorize the exact words or phrase, which is repeated. You successfully create emphasis that denotes the special weight or forcefulness given to something, which is considered important.

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