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Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

            American singer, actress and songwriter, Miley Cyrus, has transitioned her life from a young Disney channel actress to a successful artist in the music industry through her music video "We Can't Stop". Miley's purpose is to convey the idea that humans no matter what race or gender should be completely free and true to themselves no matter what the world is saying around them. She portrays a dramatic tone in order to express to her young adult audience that she, herself, doesn't allow the world to affect and take hold of her attitude, beliefs, or actions. She wants the world to know that she's breaking free of Hannah Montana and is in fact becoming herself; Miley. .
             Cyrus has a lot to say to the world and she does this by completely transforming her "character" (Cyrus #1), that the her previous Disney show had made for her and starts "having fun being my own character that's true to me", she states during an interview with Heat and Heatworld, a British radio talk show. Miley Cyrus has an incredibly huge fan base that has followed and in my opinion, will continue to follow no matter what any parent has to say about it. If we take a look at Miley's hit single, "We Can't Stop", we realize that this was the first kind of controversial "breaking free" step for Cyrus. The budding artist told in her interview that artists like herself need to "take some time off so the people miss you, and then come back with a loud bang!", which is exactly what she did. .
             The use of ethos and pathos is without a doubt extremely present in every move Miley makes through her songs and music videos whether she knows it or not. She has a tremendous impact ethically and pathologically solely because she is a young, relatable pop star that has hooked the dying attention of millions of followers. She's credible (ethos) as a role model in many young girls minds', therefore affecting them emotionally (pathos) as well.

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