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Long-Term Damage of Terrorist Attacks

            In Hiroshima John Berger explains the lives of the Japanese after the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima. I personally view that action as a terrorist attack. The reason I see it as a terrorist attack is because almost the same events are currently happening in the Middle East. Syria for example has had many terrorist attacks happen there lately. Whenever a terrorist attack occurs a war is most likely to happen, and that is exactly what is happening in Syria. Syria has been at war for a few years now and the war has changed the lives of thousands of people. The war in Syria has caused many horrific and unforgettable memories for all the survivors. Terrorist attacks have also resulted in the damage of countries such as Palestine and Iraq. In my eyes all the survivors of the Middle East are very similar to the survivors of the Hiroshima bombing. .
             Most countries in the Middle East have been at war for as long as I can remember. In 2013 after I graduated from high school, I decided not to go to college right away and I went back to the Middle East where I stayed in Jordan for about almost two years. Hearing about the events that were taking place in the Middle East was very sad, but being there was a millions times more heart breaking for me. While I was in Jordan I saw thousands of Syrian refugees; I even met some of the soldiers that had escaped. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) was one of the effects the war had on those soldiers. They would often experience flashbacks that would result in nightmares. They think that they are still at war and it would cause them panic attacks. It really saddens me to think that those innocent people had to go through all those horrific events that none of us could ever fathom which is just like what happened to the survivors of the Hiroshima bombing "In reality- the reality to which the survivors and the dead bear witness- it can never be justified"(Muller13).

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