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A Career in Engineering

            "What do you want to be when you grow up? " A question most individuals hear as a child. Of course the typical answer for a young male athlete would be to go to the NFL or NBA. Athletes have to realize, that might not always be the case. So they have to have a backup plan, and choosing a backup plan might be hard. So they have to find out what they are interested in, and go from there. Knowing that they would want to do something that they enjoyed, and not have a boring career. Engineering is one of the best options because it involves individuals working with their creativity, active movement, and achieving a high paying salary. .
             Engineering provides different ways for a person to explore their interest. For example: Engineers get to come up with crazy ideas and actually make those ideas come to life, building their own ideas with their own hands and other equipment provided. Having an open mind helps in the process because no idea is a dumb idea. Everything can be used. Different ideas could help someone else come up with theirs. They get all of their ideas together and put them into one, and make one mass project. Then they would do all the math and sciences behind it or whatever it required. Once the all of that is set they actually get to go out and start planning, working, and building there project. It is crazy how much creativity engineers have. They are the reason and the masterminds behind majority of the things we have today.
             When it comes to engineering it gives workers a chance to have an active work life. The different types of engineers requires for different type of activities. Like for instance electrical engineers may work as system designers. That work on things such as ours televisions, the cars we drive, and even aircraft. Also would find mechanical engineers working on things such as manufacturing, power, and construction. Working on things likes the freeways we drive on and even the houses we stay in.

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