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Customer Service and the Call Gone Wrong

            As a customer service representative you are trained to represent your company up front. You are trained to handle all the customers professionally no matter how they behave. There is an idea that the customer is always right although that is not always true but company's handle all complains they have nicely just to keep their customers. The response by Comcast customer service personnel was anything but professional. An AOL executive called Comcast to cancel their service and how the customer service representative communicated with the customer was a communication gone badly. In USWEEKLY celebrity news article filed by Esther Lee [2014], AOL executive and his wife called Comcast to cancel their service after they switched their provider. The Comcast representative was aggressive to the customer. He refused to take no for an answer. Esther Lee states the representative asked questions like," You don't want something that works?" and also," You are not interested in the fastest internet in the country." Others are," I'm really ashamed to see you go to something that can't give you what we can" and" What is about this other Internet provider?".
             After reading this blog I can analyze the Comcast representative's communication gone badly. First of all the Comcast representative failed to find out why they were switching. He could have politely asked them the reason why they switched to a different company. If it was something the company could fix, he could explain to the customer that they would fix the issue if they were willing to stay. The Comcast representative forgot about his audience. He forgot that even if the customer provokes him the customer is always right and he was supposed to listen and not ask those questions.
             Also he was supposed to be polite to them. Again the customer representative didn't consider the importance of the context of the meeting.

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