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The Gaza War: Israeli-Palestinian Crisis

            The Gaza Israel latest crisis is part of a broad and wide intractable conflict existed since 1948 between Palestinians and Israel over land, resources and identity. A chain of events that took place between June and August 2014 were characterized by high escalation of anger and hatred between both sides, which led to the deaths of over 2000 people. I would like to use these four theories and try to explain the events through them: The Threat Narrative, The Appraisal Theory, The Frustration Aggression and The Intergroup Emotions. I would like to demonstrate through them how the media and politicians used threat narratives to manipulate the emotions of their people; and, also how people's frustrations and strong group emotions have led them to support the daily violent attacks against each other, and even justifying the killing of the each other. On June 12, 3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian militants of unknown identity. Immediately following the kidnapping, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, 'Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay.' .
             Not knowing exactly who the target was or who had committed this crime, the Israeli government decided to launch violent measures that included army raids, curfews, and closures throughout the Occupied West Bank killing a dozen youth with the declared goal of finding the three kidnapped teenagers under the operation name of "Return Our Sons Home". According to Dollard and colleagues (1939) "If aggression cannot be directly targeted at the cause of the frustration because they are too physically or socially powerful, or because the cause is a situation rather than a person, it may be redirected onto a more realistic target". ( p.198). The army re-arrested without cause members of the Palestinian parliament and prisoners who had previously been freed, and also demolished the homes of suspects before any evidence for charges against them had been provided to the court or to the public.

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